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Protection of data privacy: Your right - our obligation

You can count on us to protect the privacy of your personal data... because protecting your privacy when we process your data is a matter of importance to STEAG Power Minerals GmbH that is taken into consideration in all of our business processes.

We‘d therefore like to take this opportunity to explain to you the guidelines that we apply to the processing of personal data. The present declaration and any further information that may be pertinent to the processing and use of your personal data will be provided at any location on this site where we ask you to supply such data.

Data that we collect

You can use almost the entirety of STEAG Power Minerals GmbH web site without ever having to supply us with personal data. Only a fraction of the information and services located on our web site require you to enter personal data in order to use them.

Whenever you use the STEAG Power Minerals GmbH web site, the STEAG Power Minerals GmbH internet server (web server) automatically records and evaluates technical access data. However, this data cannot be attributed to a specific person, which means that the individual user remains anonymous.

Personal data

We collect, process and utilize your personal data only if you provide us with it voluntarily.

This can occur in connection with a query, an opinion survey, a desire on your part to contact us, an order placed by you, etc.

We also require your personal data when you wish to make use of particular services (insofar as such services may be offered) on the STEAG Power Minerals GmbH web site such as the newsletter or forums. Should you decide to avail yourself of such a service, you will find for each service extensive information and pointers about the type, scope and utilization of the data that is required in order to use the service in question.

Protecting the privacy of children who use the internet

Personal data pertaining to children are not knowingly gathered or used in any way. We are not generally aware of the age of the user of our websites. We have, however, taken no specific steps to give special protection to such data.

As protecting children who use the internet is a matter of great importance to STEAG Power Minerals GmbH. STEAG Power Minerals GmbH therefore advises all parents and persons acting in loco parentis to show children how to deal responsibly and safely with personal data on the internet.

Children should not send any personal data to STEAG Power Minerals GmbH without the express permission of parents or a person acting in loco parentis.

Technical access data

Technical access data is information regarding the IP adress and the operating system that are in use, the domain name of the web site that acts as a platform for a visit to our own web site, the average e duration of a visit to our web site, and the pages called from our web site. This data is sent to our web server when individual internet pages are called by your internet browser.

We also add cookies to some areas of our web site. Cookies are small data elements that an internet server can send to your computer, thereby allowing it to be identified during your visit to our web site and making it easier for you to use our web site. We don’t use cookies to gather personal data. You can set your internet browser to tell you whether cookies are being accepted or refused. For more information on cookies, consult the help files in your internet browser.


This website uses Piwik, an open-source web analytics tool ( for statistical evaluation of user behavior. Piwik uses cookies, which are small text files placed on your computer. The information generated by the cookie about your use of our website are transmitted to our server and stored for analytical purposes, which helps us optimize our website. In this process, your IP address is immediately made anonymous and cannot be used for identification of individuals. The servers used for storage of the statistical data belong to a German provider and are physically located in Germany. If you do not consent to the collection, storage and analysis of such data from your visit to this website, you can refuse at any time by clicking the opt-out box provided below. In this case an opt-out cookie will be stored in your web browser, and Piwik will then not collect any session data whatsoever. Please note: If you delete your cookies, this will also result in the opt-out cookie being deleted and you will need to reactivate it should you wish to opt out again.

How we use your data

STEAG Power Minerals GmbH collects, processes and utilizes all personal data stemming from your visit to the STEAG Power Minerals GmbH web site strictly in accordance with the applicable legal regulations pertaining to the protection of data privacy.

We use this personal data only for the purposes specified in the present declaration (e.g., to process a query or in connection with the utilization of internet services). In addition, we will only gather, process or use personal data if we need to do so in order to protect the legitimate business interests of STEAG Power Minerals GmbH.

STEAG Power Minerals GmbH will not provide third parties with any personal data that you may have sent to us without first obtaining your express written permission.

Information, changes and deletions with respect to your data

Pursuant to the applicable legal regulations, you are entitled to query us in writing at any time as to which (if any) of your personal data we are currently archiving. We will then send you a letter containing the information requested. Please address your inquiry to the data protection officer. You may also arrange with him to have changes made in your data or to have such data deleted.

Protecting your data

Any data provided by you to STEAG Power Minerals GmbH will be protected by suitable technical and organizational mechanisms against adventitious or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction, access by unauthorized persons, and against unauthorized disclosure to third parties. With this goal in mind, our security measures are continually monitored and enhanced in accordance with technological advances and organizational resources.

The STEAG Power Minerals GmbH data protection officer

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer who, along with his team, will be more than happy to help you if you need any further information or have any complaints or problems in connection with the security of your data.

Erwin Wolff
Rüttenscheider Straße 1-3
45128 Essen
+49 201 801-4334

Please note that this data protection declaration is subject to change in order to meet current requirements.

© STEAG Power Minerals GmbH, issued 21st September, 2010

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