Photoment® Survey "Glossary"

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Glossary - S


Surfaces upgraded with Photoment<sup>®</sup> clean themselves and stay clean for longer. The photocatalytic reaction on a Photoment<sup>®</sup> surface impedes the growth of organic substances such as algae, mosses, lichens or fungi. In addition, the surface is rendered  superhydrophilic, which permits dew or rainwater to spread out over the surface. Dirt particles and organic substance are undermined and washed off by the next rainfall.

Superhydrophilic surface

A surface is described as "superhydrophilic" if the contact angle between a drop of water and the surface is smaller than 10°.  Dew and rainwater spread out over the surface and undermine dirt particles and organic substances which are then easily washed away by the next rainfall. If exposed to light, a Photoment® containing surface becomes hydrophilic. 

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