Live demonstration proves effective

Photoment® roadshow in Bottrop

At a roadshow on August 26, 2015, around 50 representatives from the political arena, municipal authorities and industry attended a live demonstration of howPhotoment® works.

“The roadshow concept is an essential part of our marketing strategy for Photoment®. The mobile measuring apparatus first measures the current nitrogen oxide levels in the ambient air at the test area. The pollution is then measured directly at the Photoment® surface. In that way, we can show that Photoment® also passes the test in practice,” says Sarah Höfer, Head of Marketing and Communication at STEAG Power Minerals.

Numerous reporters from the national German media also travelled to the event in Bottrop. “The newspapers Bild and NRZ, and the west German radio and television broadcaster WDR, also reported extensively and in all cases favorably on the Photoment® presentation,” recounts a delighted Dr. Jürgen Fröhlich, who, as the STEAG Press Officer is also responsible for SPM. Further press inquiries, for instance from RTL, have already been received.

“The reference surface in Bottrop is a plus not only for the city itself, but also for every community affected by air pollution,” as Andreas Hugot, Managing Director of STEAG Power Minerals, summarized. “For pilot projects like this are the only way to generate experience which other urban and rural areas can use for their own benefit.”

The current press release and reports from various media can be found on the following pages:

Zur vollständigen Presseinformation vom 28. August 2015 (only German)

Berichterstattung BILD Ruhrgebiet (only German)

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