NO2 pollution in inner cities

Photoment® paving can help

It was impending for a long time, and then finally happened in early July: The EU Commission reprimanded Germany for persistently exceeding the limit of 40 µg nitrogen dioxide (NO2) contaminant per cubic meter of air for many years. The reprimand was addressed to the Federal Government, while local authorities remain in the clear for the time being.

If the federal, state and local governments continue to fail in taking sufficient action to reduce the pollution with this harmful gas, there may be proceedings as early as the second half of August based on treaty violations, and following that high fines may also be imposed on individual cities and local authorities. Up to 50,000 euros per day and location is the possible figure.

For the German local authorities, Photoment® represents a direct opportunity to react to the increasing pressure from Brussels. Because every local authority is itself in a position to reduce the nitrogen oxide pollution: transforming the paths, streets and squares in the cities into air filters is already possible today.

Zur vollständigen Presseinformation vom 11. August 2015 (only German)


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