Increasing contamination of the air we breathe

Photoment® can help in reducing nitrogen oxides

With their ability to decompose CO2 and produce oxygen, trees and plants make a significant contribution to improving the quality of our air. Unfortunately, though, they cannot decompose harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). And where the plants no longer perform, our innovative concrete additive can help.

Photoment® is used as a fine-grained powder in the manufacture of concrete goods (e.g. concrete paving stones). Exposure to light triggers a photocatalytic reaction on a Photoment® surface, by which the toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the air are transformed into non-toxic nitrates (NO3-). The quantity of nitrates created is so small that it is not harmful to the environment or to health, and is simply flushed into the groundwater with the next rainfall.

Every square yard with Photoment® therefore reduces the harmful nitrogen oxide levels by photocatalysis. The reaction can be repeated any number of times, as the photocatalyst itself is not used up or impaired. The special and unique feature of Photoment® is that nitrogen oxides are not only decomposed under sunlight, but also under artificial lighting.