Photoment® surfaces clean themselves and stay clean for longer.*

Light (both ultra-violet sunlight and artificial visible light) triggers a photocatalytic reaction on a Photoment® surface, by which the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the air are transformed into nitrates (NO3-).

The reaction of the titanium dioxide in the Photoment® with the light also causes a "superhydrophilic" surface - one with a great propensity to attract water - to be formed. As a result, dew or rainwater spreads out across the surface. Particles of dirt and organic substances are undermined by the water and flushed off by the next rainfall. The growth of organic matter such as algae, mosses, lichens or fungi is inhibited.

The Photoment® surface therefore cleans itself and remains clean for longer. The reaction can be repeated any number of times, as the photocatalyst itself is not used up or impaired.


*The self-cleaning effect is decisively dependent on compliance with the instructions for manufacturing and laying (please see Manufacturing and laying instructions).