Photoment® - is suitable for a variety of applications

As a photocatalytically active additive in concrete goods, Photoment® can be useful wherever large surfaces come into contact with air and light. For the more surfaces are photocatalytically active, the more nitrogen oxides can be decomposed. In the light of its self-cleaning properties, however, the use of Photoment® can also be of benefit on smaller areas, such as domestic driveways.

Photoment® is currently being used in concrete paving stones, worked into the standard facing concrete. One of the great advantages of Photoment® is that it can be used with any kind of cement. All conventional paving stones and any concrete slabs can be produced with Photoment®. That applies both to grey and to colored concrete goods.

It has been demonstrated on over 1,500 Proctor specimens that Photoment® increases the strength of the concrete surface by up to 30% (the proportion of cement can be reduced, leading to lower costs and the avoidance of efflorescence). All the technological requirements for concrete, such as compressive strength, bonding and tensile strength, resistance to abrasion, freeze/thaw and de-icing salt resistance and color fastness are fulfilled with the use of Photoment®.

If you also wish to use Photoment® for the production of photocatalytically active paving stones, our experienced concrete technologists will be pleased to assist you in optimizing your concrete formula for the addition of Photoment®.

Apart from the use of Photoment® in concrete paving stones, a variety of further potential applications are conceivable.

Examples include

> façade rendering and paint

> roadway surfaces / white topping

> acoustic barriers and screen walls

> roofing tiles

> other structural concrete parts